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Corithmica Touch

AI Powered

End2End ECG Solution

Corithmica Core is a 6-lead portable ECG device powered by artificial intelligence.

Mobilize Your Health

BLE Connectivity

Corithmica Card transfers your ECG’s to your phone with Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity.

Best Results

High Accuracy

Because it uses a 6-lead ECG, it completes arrhythmia estimates with high accuracy.

Monitor Your Oxygen Saturation (SpO2)

Puls Oximeter

On account of its pulse oxymeter, it makes more detailed inferences about your health.

Get in touch with your Doctor

Detailed Health Report

It shares the report of the analyzing results to your doctor or Corithmica Professional Portal.

Immediate Intervention

Fast Response

It can even analyze as short as 10 second-ECGs and make predictions.

Personal 6-Lead* Electrocardiogram

When conducting arrhythmia analysis, it is very important to diagnose with different leads. For example, the use of Lead-II, Lead-III and aVF leads in the diagnosis of Atrial Flutter is important for diagnostic accuracy.

Similarly, defining Atrial Fibrillation using Lead-I only increases the possibility of mistakes.

The Corithmica Touch, which monitors the electrical activities of the heart with different derivations, is an indispensable tool for a detailed arrhythmia analysis.

* aVR, aVL and aVF leads are virtual and derived from Lead-I, Lead-II and Lead-III

Corithmica Touch is Highly Portable


Taking up as little space as a credit card, the Corithmica Touch is easy to carry, even in your shirt pocket. This allows you to instantly capture your 6-channel ECG in the event of a possible disorder. Working with the Corithmica Core infrastructure, the Corithmica Touch analyzes your ECG rhythm in real time due to its artificial intelligence-powered engine, and diagnoses and shares the results with you and your doctor.

Corithmica Bridge

  1. Corithmica Bridge is a web-based system that connects patients and doctors, allowing patients to be monitored by professional cardiologists.
  2. The system is also equipped with Corithmica Core, an ECG analysis software powered by artificial intelligence. With the support of Corithmica Core, cardiologists’ error rates are minimized and patient capacities are increased

Share Your ECG's

Patients sends their ECGs to the cardiologist.


Examine The Patient

Cardiologists examine ECGs with the help of Corithmica Core assistance.


Create Medical Report

Reporting is made by taking into consideration the past examinations.

Corithmica Core

  1. Corithmica Core is an ECG analysis solution supported by artificial intelligence that forms the basis of all our products. It is an indispensable analysis tool for Corithmica Touch and Corithmica Bridge. It makes arrhythmia-based diagnoses by performing detailed arrhythmia analysis on ECG signals.
  2. Corithmica Core is not only designed for Corithmica Touch and Corithmica Bridge, it can also serve as a RESTful Web Service that provides high-accuracy and real-time diagnostics.
  3. While Corithmica Core can be integrated with ECG devices manufactured by ECG device manufacturers, it can be easily integrated into the management systems of ambulances and hospitals and similar health care facilities.

Corithmica Insight

The Pinnacle of AI-Powered Diagnostics

Corithmica Insight, the most advanced member of the Corithmica Core group, is an AI-based decision support system that enhances the diagnostic capabilities of cardiologists by providing an advanced AI-powered analysis of ECG data through a chat-based interface. Integrated with Corithmica Core, it ensures highly accurate and real-time diagnostic support.

Early Disease Detection

Proactive Monitoring

Corithmica Insight excels in early disease detection by continuously analyzing ECG data for early signs of heart conditions. This proactive monitoring allows for timely interventions, potentially preventing serious complications. The system's advanced algorithms detect subtle anomalies that may be missed by human eyes, providing a crucial advantage in early diagnosis.

Precision in Diagnosis

High Accuracy

Leveraging the power of AI, Corithmica Insight delivers precise diagnostic suggestions, significantly reducing the risk of human error. It ensures that every diagnosis is based on the most accurate analysis possible. The system's robust algorithms analyze complex patterns in ECG data, offering reliable and consistent results, which are crucial for effective treatment planning.

Enhanced Doctor Assistance

Supporting Clinical Decisions

Corithmica Insight supports cardiologists by providing detailed diagnostic reports and recommendations via the chat interface. This collaborative approach ensures that doctors have all the necessary information to make informed clinical decisions. The system's interactive features allow doctors to query the AI for additional insights, fostering a more informed and efficient decision-making process.

Comprehensive Documentation

Detailed Diagnostic Reports

Detailed reports generated by Corithmica Insight help in understanding patient conditions better and making informed decisions. These reports, accessible through the chat-based interface, are essential for ongoing patient management and treatment planning. They include visual aids, trend analyses, and detailed explanations, making it easier for healthcare providers to interpret and act on the data.

Seamless Connectivity

Integration Capabilities

Corithmica Insight can be seamlessly integrated with hospital management systems, ensuring smooth workflow and data handling. This integration enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare delivery. The system supports various data formats and complies with international standards like HL7 and FHIR, making it adaptable to different healthcare environments.

Easy Data Submission

User-Friendly ECG Data Upload

Patients or healthcare providers can easily upload ECG data to the Corithmica Insight platform. This user-friendly feature ensures that critical health data is readily available for analysis and discussion via the chat interface. The platform supports multiple upload methods, including direct device connections, mobile apps, and web portals, providing flexibility and convenience for users.