The Benefits of AI-Assisted Performance Management

for Your Call Center

Boost Your Call Performance

Real-Time Assistant

Notrino Çağrı Asistanım™ analyzes agents and customer’s voices in real time, calculating the emotions and other performance metrics in customer calls. It not only assists customer representatives with the support of its artificial intelligence, but also gives team leaders, unit managers and quality experts the opportunity to monitor the performance of their employees.

Track the Emotions of Your Employees and Customers

Call Reporting

In addition, it provides real-time notifications to customer representatives, guides them in the best way, and allows team leaders to follow the analysis results through the Call Quality Portal.

Emotional Differences in Voice Depend on Language and Culture

Notrino Çağrı Asistanım™ Speaks Turkish

It analyzes voice with the support of artificial intelligence and predicts positivity, physical arousal, dominance, gender and age. By distinguishing the human voice from all other sounds, it calculates the speaking and interruption times. All these data; It is processed in the customer representative computer without going to the cloud, and the analysis results are sent to the server in accordance with KVKK (Personal Data Protection Law – GDPR).

Track the Performance of Customer Representatives

Arrange your analysis parameters

It provides the data of all your department to be analyzed in terms of teams, locations, client gender anda age groups in the desired time intervals via Call Quality Portal.

Call Quality Portal

Performance Score

Notrino Çağrı Asistanım™ calculates the performance score of customer representatives, teams or the entire department. It provides you with a measurement value that you can refer to, allowing you to determine the requirements for the training of your employees and take the necessary measures soon.

Emotion Analysis

Notrino Çağrı Asistanım™ has been developed specifically for the Turkish language. It detects contextual and acoustic situations in speech and analyzes the values of positivity, emotional arousal and dominance in the most accurate way. By combining this data with the speaking times, it allows emotional measurements to be followed on the portal in the desired time interval.

Speech Effectiveness

It analyzes the call duration of customers and customer representatives. By combining this analyzed data with emotion analysis, it allows you to understand how effectively your agents speak in their calls. Notrino Çağrı Asistanım™ also determines whether there is an interruption situation during the call and calculates the total duration of this situation. It presents all the data results differing in accordence with the time.

Gender and Age Estimation

How you can choose for your Notrino Çağrı Asistanım™ enables you to understand how your agent address your customers in different age and gender groups and to manage your customer representatives better.

Customer Representative Application

Notrino Çağrı Asistanım™ Requires No Additional Hardware

Çağrı Asistanım Müşteri Temsilcisi Uygulaması

  1. It is installed on the computers of agents without any additional software or hardware. It is compatible with all softphone-based call center systems and allows your agents to quickly increase their performance and to be followed up.
  2. Our A.I. supported application performs all sound analysis within the application and sends the results to the web portal.
  3. Since it examines the sounds within the device, it does not create a negative situation against KVKK (Personal Data Protection Law).

Performance Window

It visualizes customer and agent performance in real-time in a floating window format.

Helpful Notifications

It helps the agents in real-time by detecting situations such as interruption, negative speech, excitement, etc.

Çağrı Asistanım Müşteri Temsilcisi Uygulaması Notification'ı

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any more questions about Notrino Çağrı Asistanım™?

How Does Notrino Çağrı Asistanım™ Work?

Notrino Çağrı Asistanım™ application is installed on the computers of your customer representatives. The application listens to the sound input and output of the computer, analyzes the sound in real time and assists the customer representative with instant notifications. It also sends the analysis results to Notrino Çağrı Asistanım™ call quality portal. With the account we have created for your department, you can add new customer representatives to the portal and follow the performance of your agents via the portal.

May I try your product?

Trial license is available. Please feel free to contact us to try our product.

The quality experts in my company already do this job, what's the difference?

In medium or large-sized call center companies, quality experts can manually listen to a small part of phone calls and interpret the performances of customer representatives and this figure is approximately 3-5%. However, with Notrino Çağrı Asistanım™, the performance of customer representatives is automatically monitored 24/7 in real-time, the application provides instant A.I. supported assistance, and analysis results can be monitorized on the Call Quality Portal. This will facilitate the work of the quality experts working in your ocompany and enable them to control your employees with less effort.

What results can I achieve with my Notrino Çağrı Asistanım™?

With the analysis of the phone calls, it determines the dimensions of positivity, physical arousal and dominance for the agents and customers. Additionally, it estimate age and gender, detects the speaking times of both sides and calculates the total speaking time and interruption rates from these timings.

Is Notrino Çağrı Asistanım™ compatible with the infrastructure I use in my call center?

Notrino Çağrı Asistanım™ is compatible with all softphone based call center software on a computer with Windows operating system. Notrino My Call Assistant™ works by listening to the sounds coming from the microphone and earphone using the “WASAPI” drivers. By default, when the headset is active, it listens to the audio devices on the computer and analyzes the parts with human voice, sends the results to the Call Quality Portal, allowing both real-time and daily performances to be followed. In addition, if the analysis results per call are requested, it can also provide you with per call statistics as a result of an easy integration process with the software that provides your call center infrastructure. Thus, it allows you to monitor real-time and daily performances, as well as per-call statistics.

How can I integrate it into my system?

Notrino Çağrı Asistanım™ requires no integration. Our product consists of an application installed on the computers of customer representatives and a call quality portal that enables analysis of this application data. Customer representatives log into the application with the agent username/password information created through the call quality portal. The application detects calls by analyzing microphone and earphone sounds and starts working automatically.

What are the system requirements of Notrino Çağrı Asistanım™?

Preferred system requirements, which are to install Notrino Çağrı Asistanım™ application on the agent’s computer, include Windows 10 operating system, Intel i5 processor, 8GB ram and at least 2GB free space on the hard drive.

Can I read the analysis results sent to Notrino Çağrı Asistanım™ Call Quality Portal from the database?

Our customers have access to all data recorded in the database of Notrino Çağrı Asistanım™ Call Quality Portal. In addition, these data are presented in a tabular format in excel for the desired time intervals on Call Quality Portal. If you have a request for access via API, please contact us.

Does Notrino Çağrı Asistanım™ work in compliance with KVKK (Personal Data Protection Law – GDPR)?

Notrino Çağrı Asistanım™ does not move any sensitive data to Call Quality Portal. It completes all A.I. supported analyses with the application to be installed on the customer representative’s computer. Only anonymous call metrics are sent to Call Quality Portal. With this flexible working structure offered by Notrino Çağrı Asistanım™, you can integrate your call center into Notrino Çağrı Asistanım™ without any setup and take advantage of all the opportunities offered by Call Quality Portal.

Can Notrino Çağrı Asistanım™ be used with languages other than Turkish?

Our short answer is no. Notrino Çağrı Asistanım™ has been developed only for Turkish language by analyzing tens of thousands of data in Turkish by the labeller group chosen. The number and classification of emotions vary culturally. Therefore, it is currently only available for Turkish language. With our ongoing work, we aim to make the Arabic language a part of Notrino Çağrı Asistanım™ in the future.

What should call center infrastructure providers do to integrate Notrino Çağrı Asistanım™’ı into their systems?

We are so glad to hear that. Please feel free to contact us and let’s take the first step for new collaborations together.

Other Services

Notrino Çağrı Asistanım™ has a hybrid A.I. engine that is a combination of multiple machine learning models. Notrino Research also offers our customers the freedom to use this A.I. engine in their local networks to integrate them into their own systems. These products in our solution group, which serve as a RESTful service within the Docker container and can be licensed annually, are divided into two.

Service 1: Emotion and Key Metrics

It analyzes the calls and makes an estimation of emotion, speaking time, interruption, age range and gender. It is compatible with mp3, mp4, wma, acc, wav, aiff, m4a, flac formats. While making predictions by hybrid artificial intelligence models it examines the contextual meanings from the sequences of phonemes and intonations from the acoustic parameters of the voice.

Service 2: Speech to Text

“Speech to text”, known as “SST”, is a service converting speech into text. It converts the audios in mp3, mp4, wma, acc, wav, aiff, m4a, flac formats sent to the service into text. The model, which has a WER value of 12.4%, can be used to cluster or classify conversations with NLP technologies after converting the conversations to text.

Scientific Approach

What is Emotion?

Emotion is a complex psychophysiological change arising from the interaction of internal and environmental influences on the individual’s mood.

In addition, emotion is the main factor that determines the individual’s health status and plays a central role in people’s daily life.

The issue of the number and classification of emotions is controversial and culturally varies to a freat extent. Therefore, while developing Notrino Çağrı Asistanım™ which performs phonic emotion analysis, we have developed a strong model only for Turkish with the help of our rich data set collected from tens of thousands of different people.

Classification of Emotions

The Classification of emotions is a difficult process. Being able to tell which emotion the human voice contains is relative, so it is interpreted differently by each person.

Emotions can be represented numerically outside of the categories of happy, unhappy, angry. All emotions can be expressed in vector by courtesy of three values called affective valence, arousal and dominance. Affective value is a measure of how positive or negative that emotion is, while arousal value is a measure of the physiological response caused by the emotion. Dominance and submissiveness, on the other hand, reflect the level of control of the emotional state. All emotions can be expressed numerically by means of these three values. Notrino Çağrı Asistanım™ names these emotional dimensions as positivity, physical arousal and dominance so that they can be more easily understood.