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About Us

Notrino Research which locates in Turkey’s pioneer technology center ODTÜ Teknokent, serves its customers with artificial intelligence solutions for the healthcare, energy, automotive, telecommunication and banking sectors in the era of artificial intelligence.

Notrino Research is continuously growing with its expert team consisting of various science and engineering branches and with TÜBİTAK’s fundings which is Turkey’s most reputable science and technology institution. At the same time, to provide the customer satisfaction at the highest level, it shows maximum sensitivity in terms of innovative approach and technological quality in all projects developed so far for its customers in different sectors.

Notrino Research makes a breakthrough with CurAlive, a mobile ECG patient monitoring system powered by artificial intelligence, and CallSense, a customized performance management system for customer relations. It also strengthens its position in the sector day by day due to its customized artificial intelligence and industrial digitalization solutions.

Notrino Research aims to contribute to the development of its own country and to be a part of technological development in the world.

As Notrino Research, our vision is; to become a global technology organization being capable of providing high quality solutions to its customers, supporting its studies with innovative R & D solutions and adopting the success of its customers.