About Us

Welcome to Notrino Research, a pioneering R&D center dedicated to advancing AI-powered digital technologies. Established in 2019 at ODTÜ Teknokent, Ankara, we specialize in cardiology, neurology, radiology, and telehealth solutions. Our mission is to harness the power of AI to develop innovative healthcare solutions, aiming to make smart health solutions an integral part of everyday life.

Notrino Research, founded in 2019, has quickly positioned itself as a leader in AI-driven healthcare technologies. Our flagship products include Corithmica, a comprehensive cardiology solution, and Notrino Çağrı Asistanım™, a voice emotion analysis and performance management system for call centers. Our team of dedicated scientists and engineers integrates medical, psychological, and AI technologies to create cutting-edge solutions.

Our Journey and Flagship Projects

Since our inception, we have achieved several milestones:

+ TÜBİTAK Projects: Successfully completed multiple state-funded projects in cardiology and neurology.

+ Corithmica: Formerly known as CurAlive, Corithmica is an AI-powered mobile ECG monitoring system. It includes:

    + Corithmica Touch: A portable 6-lead ECG device offering high-accuracy diagnostics and real-time health monitoring.

    + Corithmica Bridge: A web-based platform connecting patients and doctors for remote monitoring and real-time analysis.

    + Corithmica Core: The AI engine behind Corithmica, providing high-accuracy diagnostics and supporting various health monitoring features.

+ Notrino Çağrı Asistanım: An AI-powered assistant for call centers, providing real-time emotion and performance analysis to enhance customer interactions.

+ ReelSane: An AI-driven video creation platform enabling high-quality, faceless video production through a simple chat interface.

Innovation, Research and Vision

We are committed to pushing the boundaries of AI through continuous research and development. Our work includes several TÜBİTAK-funded projects and pioneering solutions in medical diagnostics.

Our vision is to provide high-quality solutions to our customers, support their work with innovative R&D solutions, and become a global technology company that sees the success of its customers as its own success. We aim to be at the center of technological developments, especially those benefiting humanity.

Notrino Research is dedicated to making a positive impact on society. We engage in community projects and partnerships aimed at improving healthcare accessibility and quality.