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Faceless AI Video Generator

Create professional videos effortlessly…

With ReelSane, you can;

  • * Generate high-quality faceless videos through a simple chat interface.
  • * Utilize AI to create detailed scenes with matching visuals and lifelike narrations.
  • * Produce multilingual content with synchronized audio and subtitles.

AI Powered Mobile ECG Patient Tracking System

The shortest way to your cardiologist…

Without going to the hospital, you can;

  • * Record your 6-lead ECG. Gain six times more information about your heart.
  • * Measure the oxygen level in your blood.
  • * Receive real-time health predictions supported by artificial intelligence.
  • * Instantly share your results with your doctor.

Real-Time Emotion Detection for Call Centers

Listens, understands, and provides solutions for your customers…

With Çağrı Asistanım™ specifically developed for call centers, you can;

  • * Track the emotional states of your customer representatives and clients.
  • * Monitor interruptions, pauses, and speaking durations to track call efficiency.
  • * Group your clients by age and gender predictions to narrow down your analysis.
  • * Let Çağrı Asistanım™ assist your representatives in real-time, enhancing call quality instantly.
Çağrı Asistanım

R&D Projects

Completed, Akdeniz University | TUBITAK 1507

Corithmica Vision: Remote PPG Atrial Fibrillation Detection from Camera using Remote PPG Signals

18 months of project and clinical studies have been successfully completed. As a result of the project, it was confirmed that AFib detection can be performed with 88% accuracy, 93% precision and 88% sensitivity by analysing the remote PPG signals of the participants using only the camera.

Completed, Akdeniz University | TÜBİTAK 1002

Determination of Rigidity Levels of Parkinson's Patients Using sEMG and Goniometer Signals

In collaboration with Akdeniz University, the rigidity levels of Parkinson's patients are classified with 84.7% accuracy, 86.6% precision and 80.4% sensitivity.

Completed, Akdeniz University | TÜBİTAK 1512

Clinical Validation of the ECG Analysis System Corithmica Core

It has been clinically proven that 93.6% accuracy, 94.1% precision, 93.7% sensitivity and 93.6% F1 value were achieved in the developed AFib diagnosis model.

In cooperation with Akdeniz University, Parkinson's disease is detected with 89.75% accuracy, 88.4% precision and 91.5% sensitivity using the human voice.

In the developed COVID-19 diagnosis model, 82.0% accuracy, 76.0% precision and 86.3% sensitivity values were achieved.

Completed, Akdeniz University | TÜBİTAK 1001

Development of Artificial Intelligence Supported Social Distance Detection Smart Camera Systems for Combating COVID-19

In cooperation with Akdeniz University, a social distance violation identification, warning and tracking system was developed from the camera.

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