Despite the preventive measures taken, cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide (17.3 million people per year, accounting for 37% of all deaths) and the most serious and costly health problems facing the world today. Early Detection of Heart Diseases Is Possible With View Project

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Take your ECG anywhere, review and report CurAlive’s diagnostic results with CurAlive, an ECG analysis system powered by artificial intelligence


Analyzes the RF spectrum and decides what type of connection is used in the frequency band. It also detects whether there is an undesirable interference in the respective band.

Çağrı Asistanım™:

Automatically monitor and optimize the performance of your employees with Çağrı Asistanım™ which is an AI powered and specially designed for the call centers.

sEMG Sensor:

Capture even the smallest movements with the highly integrated sEMG sensor which uses dry electrodes and provides high SNR levels specially developed for bionic hands.

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Industry 4.0 Solutions:

We are aware that Industry 4.0 is a new beginning for all companies working in the IoT field. That’s why we align our innovative solutions with modularity and scalability to enable you to capture opportunities.

A.I. Solutions:

We use state-of-the-art technologies such as boosting algorithms, competitive manufacturer networks, segmentation, natural language processing, and produce customized artificial intelligence solutions for industries such as health, energy, automotive, telecommunications and banking.

R&D and Consulting:

We offer customized and end-to-end solutions for projects that require advanced technology and engineering.

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